Large-Format printing from InDesign

First, make sure your document is ready to print.  Printing to the large-format printer is not cheap, so double check your work for typos, alignment, colors, and other aspects so you’re sure it’s what you want. You are responsible for all large format prints you submit.

The large-format printer can print 24″ wide by whatever length you want, limited only by the amount of paper on the roll.  Make sure your document is set up correctly to take advantage of these dimensions. For example: it may be cheaper to turn the document sideways and print it that way.

When everything is ready with your document, choose File – Export.

Choose Adobe PDF (print). Enter a name and a destination on your computer. Click Save.


On the following window you can edit the more detailed options of your PDF. The standard options on this window will create an acceptable quality for student content.

If you would like the document to include crop marks you can check the option under Marks and Bleed. This will print “tick-marks” on the edges that will make it easy for you to trim your work to the exact size you have created.

Once you have the options you want click the Export button and your PDF will be created.

crop marks

The file is now ready to be uploaded to the server.  Follow these directions (or these for Windows) to connect to the GCC server.  Choose the “Large Format Print Queue” share point from the list.  Once mounted, drag the file you made into the DropBox folder.

Lastly, go here and fill out the large-format printing form.  Additionally, you might stop by the Service Bureau and alert them that you’ve submitted a print.  Keep in mind that prints may take longer during high-demand times. We are not responsible for your assignment being late. Always allow at least 24 hours for your print to be completed.