Instructor Resources

Need Help?

If you are in class and need help:

1. Go to the Service Bureau (GCC 210) and ask for help. We hire and train students to be competent with basic technical troubleshooting skills. If they cannot assist you or the issue is more advanced than they can handle.

2. Look for Cory. He is usually in his office, in the Service Bureau, or somewhere in the building. Service Bureau employees have his phone number and can try to reach him.

3. Find Dave. His office is in GCC 104.


GCC.BRADLEY.EDU serves as our avenue for delivering important information as it pertains to labs, classrooms, printing, technical support, & technology related items in the GCC. Please bookmark this page and encourage your students to do the same. Check back here frequently for updates as they relate to technical activities in the GCC.

Printing information

If your class meets in either GCC 207 or 211 Black & White prints are covered for your class.

All costs associated with the color printer are the responsibility of the students at the time the print is made.

Gear Checkout for Class Demos

Sometimes the need arises for you to demo a piece of gear to your students in class. It is possible to check out gear for your entire class. Please contact us 24 hours in advance of the class so we can have the gear ready to go for you and your class. Demo the gear in class and return the gear when you are done. You will be responsible for making sure all pieces of gear are returned intact to the Service Bureau after your class is complete.

Wireless Presentation in GCC 207 & 211

One of the features we implemented in GCC 207 & 211 is the ability to use your laptops wirelessly via an Apple TV.

In order to use this feature you must have a Macintosh laptop that was manufactured during or after Summer of 2011.

The Apple TV is connected to a hidden private network. Schedule an appointment with Cory or Dave to have this network added to your computer and get the proper training on how to use Airplay.