Stock Resources

FAIR WARNING: The sounds, images and video clips contained in our Stock Resource collection are free to use for projects directly related to a class.  If you wish to use them for anything else, including but not limited to pro bono or paid freelance projects, personal projects, resume materials, and student organizations, you assume the risk of violating the copyright on this material.  This collection has been assembled from a variety of different sources over many years and many of the license agreements are lost.  Some files may be clear to use for any purpose, some are definitely not.  A few have a copy of the license agreement in the folder.

To re-iterate: all our Stock Resource files are clear to use under Fair Use, which includes education, but anything beyond that is done at your own risk.

Connect to the GCC server and mount the “Resources” share.  The files are sorted by collection with folders for images, fonts, music, sound effects, and footage.

Note: The Resources share is no longer viewable over the web.

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