File Sharing – Windows 7

Please note the following when using share points on the GCC server:

  • Classes and Faculty may be used by your instructor to distribute materials or collect assignments via a dropbox.  Please check with your instructor.
  • Folders on the Students share are there for your convenience to transfer or temporarily store files.  However, the share is NOT backed up, and folders are erased at the end of each semester.  Large folders may be deleted without warning to make room for other users.  It is your responsibility to back up your own material to a device or medium of your choosing.
  • Your named student folder (the “jdowell” folder shown below, for example) is viewable by anyone, including the web (  Only you can write to that folder.  Inside your folder, you’ll find Private and Dropbox folders.  The Private folder is just that; viewable and writable only by you.  The Dropbox folder can only be viewed by you, but anyone can put a file into it, like a locked mailbox.

  • Student folders being used to share copyrighted content may also be deleted without warning, so make sure you own the rights to material you put into your folder.

Follow these instructions to access the GCC server from Windows 7 (for OSX instructions, click here).  For security reasons, access to the GCC server via Windows is only available from on-campus.  Make sure you are connected to the BUSecure wireless network or a wired connection.  If you are unable to connect to BUSecure, see the Technology Help Desk located in the library.  Follow these directions exactly!  Observe correct punctuation, capitalization, and which browser to use.

Note: if you have trouble getting this to work, please try using the SFTP solution.

Open Internet Explorer.  In the address bar, type \\\sharename.  For sharename, you can type any of the following:

  • faculty
  • students
  • classes
  • resources
  • tutorials
  • improjects
  • imcompleted
  • large format print queue

Press enter after typing the sharename (see screenshot below).  Note: Only Internet Explorer will work for this.  Do not use Firefox, Chrome or any other browser.


When prompted for a login (this may take a few seconds), enter your BUNETID credentials.  When you type your username, type “AD\” first as shown below.  Make sure you use a backslash (\), usually located above the Enter key on your keyboard.  Do not use a forward slash (/).  Also, make sure AD capitalized.

A new window will open with the share point you’ve chosen.