File Sharing – OSX –

File sharing has been greatly diminished with the retirement of the GCC server. File sharing is now only available to specific students and courses on

If you are using an on-campus wireless connection, you must be on the BUSecure network.  BUGuest connections will not allow a server share point to be mounted.

To connect to pong:

From the finder, click Go>Connect to Server.

Enter afp://

Click the Connect button.

Authenticate using your BUNetID credentials.

Choose the share point you wish to use and click OK.

Please note the following when using share points on the PONG server:

  • Do Not Share copyrighted materials. Copyrighted content may  be deleted without warning, so make sure you own the rights to material you put into your folder.

Follow the directions to mount a share on the GCC server using OSX (for Windows 7, click here).  The GCC server can be access from on or off-campus using this method.  Please note that off-campus connections are subject to the speed of your internet connection.  Large file transfers may take longer than they would on campus.  To transfer large files quickly, use a wired Ethernet connection on the campus network.



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