Wacom Tablets: GCC 213 (Windows 7)

These instructions are for Windows 7.  For OSX, visit this page.

In order to use the Wacom Cintiq tablets in room 213, you must first download the latest driver from this page for Windows 7 (you may access older Windows downloads from there as well).  Next, follow the directions below to complete the installation.  The Cintiq manual is viewable in its entirety here.  IM majors should purchase and provide their own pens for use with the tablet.  A limited number of pens are available for checkout in the Service Bureau.

[notice]First, some common-sense rules about the use of the tablets:

  • Do not use a regular ink pen, pencil or marker on the tablet, capped or uncapped.
  • Use only a Wacom stylus (pen) with the tablet.
  • Do not press overly hard with the stylus.
  • Take care not to drop the tablet or pull the cord tightly.
  • If you’re not sure how to use it, ask someone.
  • You will be held financially responsible for damage you cause to GCC equipment.[/notice]

First-time Installation

Do not connect the tablet yet.  Run the file you downloaded from Wacom.  Click Yes to allow the program to make changes to your computer.

Accept the terms of the license agreement.

Once you click Accept, the program will begin installing the driver.  When complete, click OK to exit the installer.

Now, locate the connections for the tablet you wish to use and connect them to your laptop.  There are two cables you need to connect: a DVI display output (natively or using an adapter) and a USB connection.  The DVI connection provides the signal to the built-in monitor on the tablet and the USB connection supplies the mouse information from the pen.  Note: if your Windows laptop has a VGA connection and no DVI output, see Dave or Cory to borrow the correct cable and receive instruction on how to use it.

Once connected, open your screen resolution control panel (right-click on the desktop, select Screen Resolution).  You should see two monitors in the panel as shown below.  Click on #2 and make sure the Wacom resolution is set to 1280×800, which is the highest resolution it will accept.

Under the Multiple Displays selector, you may choose to have the tablet mirror what’s on your laptop display by selecting “Duplicate these displays”.  However, in most cases, you will want to use the tablet as a second monitor.  Select “Extend these displays” to enable that mode.  You can also drag the virtual monitor icons in any arrangement you choose so that it is the most intuitive for you when mousing between the tablet and your laptop monitor.  In this case I have the tablet physically sitting to the left of my laptop, so I have the Wacom’s monitor placed to the left of the primary monitor.  You may also set them above or below each other.  When finished adjusting the displays, click OK to exit the Screen Resolution control panel.

At this point, you should be able to hover the pen around the tablet and it will move the mouse pointer on your laptop screen.  Tap the pen anywhere on the tablet and you’ll be presented with this alert:

Click “Open Control Panel” to enter the utility for making adjustments to the pen and tablet.  Note: to enter this utility in the future, open your system control panel folder and select Wacom Tablet Properties.

Click the Calibrate button and follow the instructions on the tablet to calibrate the pen to the tablet.  You’ll be presented with several targets you need to tap with the pen.  Do this as accurately as you can so the tablet will be calibrated properly.  If you do not calibrate the pen, you may find that the cursor will be offset from the actual position of the stylus.

You may also wish to change the functions of the soft keys located on the tablet.  Click the Functions icon under the category “Tool” on the Wacom control panel.  The default functions are shown below but you can easily re-map them to whatever works best for you.

Finish your modifications and adjustments and the pen and tablet are now ready for use.  In the future, you should only need to connect the cables to your laptop to use the tablet.  All settings and drivers will remain on your machine.