Tech Info: GCC 133

The game system in 133 is fairly easy to use.  Turn on the monitor using the remote or the front panel.  The monitor should always be left on the HDMI-1 input.  On the shelves below the monitor, locate the HDMI switcher.  This lets you choose which game system you would like to use.  For older systems, choose the “analog” input on the HDMI switcher, then use the buttons on the second switcher to choose which system to route into the monitor.  Note: the AUX button is connected to the Fairchild Channel F.\

For sound, turn on the receiver and set it to the Switcher input.  Set the volume accordingly.  Please be courteous of students and faculty working in 133 and elsewhere in the GCC when playing games.

Systems available:

Games and controllers can be found at the back of the room on the shelf.  Always return games and controllers to their proper bins.  For all cartridge-based games, ALWAYS turn the system off before removing or inserting a cartridge.

The Fairchild Channel F is a rare game system.  It is the first system ever designed to use external cartridges to add more game capability.  Please take extra care when using this system, as with all of our collection.  Operation of the Fairchild is somewhat quirky.  Instructions for the Fairchild cartridges can be viewed online here.  This will help you properly select the game options for each cartridge, which is usually done using the buttons on the console.  There are also several built-in games that you can play without a cartridge.  Instructions for those can be found in the Fairchild main system manual.

Please note that the VCR below the Fairchild must be turned on in order to view the signal.  The VCR acts as a tuner so that the signal can be routed through our switching equipment.  The power switch for the Fairchild is located on the back.

The Vectrex is a great example of an early stand-alone gaming system that was ahead of its time.  The graphics are crisp and sharp and like some stand-up arcade systems of the day, used its monitor in a portrait, rather than landscape configuration.  To play, turn it on using the power/volume control under the display.  The joystick is variable, although some of the games do not utilize that ability.  Manuals for the system and the games can be found here, which is helpful when you’re trying to figure out what the four buttons do for each game.  Again, take extra care when using our legacy gaming systems.

The Vectrex utilizes a multi-cart that was designed by Andrew Coleman (with help from many others) in 2009, long after the system’s demise in the early 80’s.  This single cartridge contains every game ever released for the Vectrex, along with some unreleased betas and fan-created games.  As a result, this is the only cartridge ever needed for this system.  If you’re trying to decide what to play, some of the best games are Minestorm (Asteroids clone) and Scramble (Defender clone).  When you turn the system on, select the game you wish to play from the menu and press the 4 button to activate it.  Once you are in that game, the only way to get back to the menu is to power off the Vectrex for a few seconds, then power it back on.  The reset button will only reset the game you are actively playing.