Shooting in GCC 213

So you’ve decided you need to do some green-screen work in room 213.  Great!  Doubling as a small studio is one of the many hats that GCC lab 213 wears.  You are welcome to work in there when there are not classes in session, especially at night.  If you are shooting during the day, please keep an eye on the clock and allow yourself enough time to strike after your shoot before the next class session.

You’ll also need to know what can be done with the furniture during your shoot, and how to put the room back to its default configuration to avoid delaying the start of the next class.  You need to clean up your own mess when you’re done.  Students who don’t may have their swipe-card access to the room revoked.  You can use this page as a reference when disassembling or reassembling the room.  You may also want to take a look at this page if you need to use any of the technology in the room.

[error]Do not sit on the rounded end of the tables.  It will not support your weight.  If you break a table, you will be charged for the repair.[/error]

This is what the room should look like before you start, and also when you’re done shooting.


The tables have enough cabling on them to simply pivot out of the way to make more space in the center of the room. Please take care when moving them to prevent damage to the tables or the walls.

If you need more space, the network cables and HDMI cable can be disconnected at the base of the monitor and the table can be rolled out of the way.

The flatpanel monitors on carts cannot be disconnected or removed. However, they will roll a few feet in any direction.

You may use one of the monitors for a confidence feed from your camera if you wish. Leave the existing connections on the monitor alone and use an alternate input for your camera. If you do change inputs on the monitor, put it back to HDMI input 1 when you’re done.

The fluorescent lights are kept behind the black curtain, and should be stowed away when you’re done. The black curtain can be used as a backdrop or pushed all the way to one side for shooting on the green wall. Please be gentle when moving the curtain.

Each fluorescent light stand has a switched extension cord on it. The cord stays with the fixture.

There are several locations in the center of the floor with recessed power outlets.

Always keep safety in mind as you shoot. Don’t overload outlets, especially when using standard incandescent lights from one of the kits. And use the sandbags on the light stands to reduce the chances of one tipping over.

When you’re done shooting, put everything back so it’s ready for a class:

  • Coil the cords up for the lights and roll them against the green wall.
  • (carefully) Pull the black curtain across to cover the lights and green wall.
  • Tables should be reconnected and placed back in position with each monitor.
  • Chairs should also be put back.

Your cooperation will help keep the labs and courses operating smoothly.