Laptop Requirement Enforcement

All students (freshmen or transfer) starting at Bradley University in the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts in Fall 2011 or later are required to have a laptop, as detailed here on the Slane College website.  Laptops will become more and more integral to our courses, and not having one for any reason may adversely affect your academic career.

If your laptop is stolen, damaged, or destroyed, it is your responsibility to have it repaired or replaced in a timely manner.  You may use the checkout laptops in the Service Bureau temporarily (still subject to the three-hour checkout limit) if yours is out for repair or to bridge the gap until a replacement machine arrives, but you may not use them permanently.  Failure to come up with a suitable replacement will result in the following steps being taken.

  1. An instructor will approach the student if and when the lack of a laptop is interfering with class requirements, such as not being able to participate in in-class demonstrations or not completing out-of-class assignments.  This will constitute a verbal warning from the instructor.  The instructor and student will agree on a reasonable deadline for the student to procure a replacement laptop.  The student is still responsible for completing all class assignments and in-class demonstrations for the course(s).  This may be done using other labs or by checking out a temporary laptop from the Service Bureau.
  2. If the deadline passes without the student having replaced the laptop, the instructor may then turn the case over to the Director of Instructional Technology for further action.  A grade hold will be placed on the student and an emailed, written notice will be issued, copying the student’s advisor, affected instructors and the Associate Dean’s office.  The hold will be lifted only when proof of ownership of a laptop is provided (i.e. showing the replacement machine).

To re-iterate, this policy only affects incoming freshmen and transfer students starting in the fall of 2011 or later.  Students who started at Bradley before fall 2011 are unaffected by this policy.  Any questions can be directed to Dave Lennie, Director of Instructional Technology for the college.