Lab Hours

The GCC labs open when school is in session and are closed during all breaks.  This includes but is not limited to Summer break, Fall break, Winter break, and Spring break.  Hours are as follows unless otherwise posted:

  • 8:30am – 10pm Monday – Thursday
  • 8:30am – 5pm Fridays
  • 12pm – 6pm Saturdays
  • 3pm – 8pm Sundays

During these times, a Service Bureau student worker will be on-hand for equipment and laptop checkout, printing services, and general assistance. Labs 207 and 211 will also be open during these times (except when classes are in session in those rooms… see the Lab Class Schedule). QuickCard access must be used to access the building and labs when the Service Bureau is closed. If you are enrolled in a class that meets in 201, 205, or 213, you have 24-hour access to that lab using your QuickCard. Labs 207 and 211 are closed when a Service Bureau employee is not present; 24-hour access is not available for those rooms. Please see our Building Access Policies for more information.

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