Heuser Photo Equipment Checkout

Enter your Student ID to see checkout status 


You must be currently enrolled in a class cleared to check out equipment. All checkouts must be done in person by you. Your friends cannot bring equipment back for you.  You will need to bring your student ID in order to check any equipment in or out.

Before you can check out any equipment, a blanket contract must be signed and turned in to the photo checkout cage.  This contract specifies (among other things) that you are financially responsible for any damage incurred while the equipment is in your possession, as well as agreeing to abide by the rules specified on this page.  It covers all checkouts for the entire semester.  A new contract must be signed every semester.

Due Dates

Equipment is due back 24 hours after it is checked out.  You are responsible for knowing the open lab hours.


Equipment cannot be renewed in the following 24 hours after return unless there are additional duplicate kits/items available (Tripods, Yashica-D’s, Pinhole Cameras, etc.).

Late Fees

Late fees begin accruing fifteen minutes after your due-back time and are $5 per fifteen minutes.  Fines can only be paid using your QuickCash (ID) card.  Cash and other forms of payment are not accepted.  Failure to pay late fees will result in a grade hold at the end of the semester and/or loss of further checkout privileges.


As per the contract that you sign at the start of the semester, you will be charged for any loss or damage to the equipment. Lab Monitors will inspect all equipment being returned.  It is advised that you check the equipment yourself when checking it out to avoid being charged for damage that was already there.