Building Access

The GCC offers 24-hour access to the building in addition to the labs. The swipe-card door to the building is located at the front of the building at the lobby entrance. To ensure the safety of students and equipment the following rules are in effect for all students in the GCC after-hours.  24-hour swipe card access is available for students who have class in 133, 201, 205 and 213.  207 and 211 close when the Service Bureau closes.

  • Only students with swipe-card access are allowed in the building. Do not let in ANY other people.
  • Enter and exit the building only through the front doors of the GCC. Do not use the back doors. Make sure all doors close behind you.
  • Never prop the outer doors or the lab doors open.
  • You must have your Bradley ID on your person at all times.
  • Students are only allowed in the swipe-card labs (201, 205, and 213). There is no after-hours access to 207, 211, the Service Bureau, the Interactive Media office or any other room in the GCC.
  • Always respect the authority of the Bradley Police and the cleaning crew.
  • All labs are under constant video surveillance. Respect the equipment.
  • Call the Bradley Police (x2000) if you see ANYTHING suspicious.
  • No food or drinks in the labs.
  • You may print to the printers in the Service Bureau after-hours, but prints must be picked up during regular Service Bureau hours. As per the printing policy, you are financially responsible for all prints you make, regardless of whether you want them or not.

Failure to follow the above rules will result in loss of swipe-card access to the building and may result in criminal charges.

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