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Announcements about the labs.

Holiday Music Added

15 more CD’s worth of production music from Footage Firm has been added to our Stock Resource collection.  This is mostly Christmas and Halloween music, with a few other genres in there as well.  If you are looking for instrumental music to underscore your next class project, you can find it here.

Windows printer instructions updated

The instructions for adding our network printers to Windows 7 machines have been updated once and for all.  Through exhaustive experimentation and testing, we found that using the IP addresses instead of the printer’s network name works consistently when adding a printer to a student machine.  Special thanks to Mike Whitlow and Enrico Willis of Computing Services for their help with troubleshooting this problem.  Please remember that these printers are for-pay printers, and you are responsible for any print you make whether you want it or not.  Follow the directions carefully to create an accurate name for the printers and to avoid setting a network printer as your default.

Additionally, there is one important feature of the server I left off the list: most of the share points, including the Students share, are now on a RAID hard drive array.  “What does that mean,” you might ask.  It means that if a drive were to physically fail on the server, we would not lose any files from those share points.  However, keep in mind that when you delete something from your folder, it’s still gone forever.  We do not keep old backups of the drive, we just ensure that we won’t lose what’s currently on it.  Deleting a file will still kill it, as it always has.

Any questions, let me know.

New GCC Server!

The GCC server is now housed in a new MacPro!  Bigger, faster, better.  You might notice that this very site is loading quicker.  So what does this mean to you, John Q. Student?  Well, a few things have changed.  Here’s a list of the most major new features and fixes:

  • Many of you (myself included) were experiencing random disconnects while using the share points on the GCC server.  That is now fixed.
  • Windows users can now reliably connect via SMB.  This has now been fixed once and for all.  Follow the instructions here and let me know if you have a problem.  Follow the instructions exactly!  Do not use the SFTP workaround with Cyberduck; that service is not running on the new server.
  • The “Print me” folder inside the Service Bureau share point has been changed to be its own share point called “Large Format Print Queue”.  Inside you’ll find a DropBox folder for dropping your files to be printed.  The large format print form has also changed locations.  The instructions for large-format printing have been updated to reflect these changes, for both InDesign and Illustrator.
  • Faculty folders have more web-friendly names.  The old names were “Lastname, Firstname”.  The capital letters, spaces and commas made it difficult to reliably send links to files.  The new naming convention is “lastname-firstname” with a dash and no capital letters.  If you have a faculty member’s folder bookmarked, you’ll need to visit the Faculty sharepoint on the web and update your bookmark.

Some of you were still having issues connecting to the HP 5200 B/W printer and Xerox 7760 color printer on the network.  We’ve now gotten to the bottom of this issue: Windows users must use the IP address of the printer and not the name of the printer when adding it.  The instructions have not been updated yet but if you’re comfortable doing it, sub in for “” or for “” on the Windows printer instruction page.  The documentation will be updated soon.

Welcome back from break and enjoy the new capabilities.

New Production Library Music

More production music library music has been added in the Resources/music/Footage Firm folder.  If you’re looking for some good instrumental music for your next project, there’s the new stuff plus lots more in our Resources share.  Access it via Apple File Sharing or over the web; either way you need your BUNETID to access the material.

Large-Format printing from InDesign instructions

We’ve always had instructions for printing to the large-format printer from Illustrator, but we now have instructions for InDesign posted under the Printing tab above.  You use the “Package” command from InDesign, which is a clever tool that finds all the graphic elements, photos and fonts and groups them all together in one folder for easy transport to another computer.  This guarantees that your work will look exactly as you designed it.

SFTP Disabled on GCC

SFTP is once again disabled on GCC.  It is causing AFP (Mac) clients to be randomly disconnected.  Please see me (Dave Lennie) for a workaround if you own a Windows 7 PC and need to connect to GCC.

Trouble Ticket System Trouble

If you submitted a trouble ticket on our Contact Page this past week, please forward me the duplicate email.  I just found out that the ticket system was rejecting the emails generated by the form and was not creating tickets.  Hopefully you still have the confirmation email in your inbox; simply forward it to and I will make sure your issue gets addressed.  Alternatively, you can visit the Contact Page again and enter in the ticket information.  I assure you it is now working.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

GCC Server back to normal

If you are still getting kicked off GCC server share points with an error telling you the volume is no longer available, please let us know.  If you have not tried the trouble ticket feature this would be a great way to start.  I believe we have the problem fixed but everyone is the collective guinea pig here.  Thanks!

Wacom Tablet Installation Instructions

As you may have noticed in GCC 213, the Wacom Cintiq tablets are now installed and ready for use.  You can follow directions here to install the driver on your laptop.  This is a one-time procedure; after installation, the tablet can simply be connected when needed and it will be ready to go.

Note: The directions so far are only for OSX.  Windows 7 will be coming within a few days.

GCC 205 and 213: Power Cords

Tip for today: As you’ve probably figured out, it’s a tight squeeze getting your MacBook/MacBook Pro’s power adapter brick to plug into the table outlets in the new tables in GCC 205 and 213.  The solution: Search your laptop stuff or junk box for the cord pictured at right; all Mac laptops originally shipped with one of these.  Remove the flip-plug module from your brick and connect the cord instead.  This gives you a standard 3-prong cord you can plug into the table, and as a bonus it makes your laptop power adapter cord quite a bit longer for extra reach in other plug-in environments.

If you can’t find your cord, you can buy a replacement on Amazon here.  If you act quickly you can get one for 99 cents here (that seller has only one left), or buy one cheap on Ebay where you can find some with free shipping.

By the way, NEVER use the flip-out “wings” on an Apple power supply to wind your cable up.  This will ALWAYS cause cable failure and you’ll be out $80 for a replacement.  Coil the cord loosely (over-under method is preferred to prevent tangles) and keep it together with a twist-tie or velcro tie.  I’ll tell ya what: come see me this week in GCC 105 and I’ll even GIVE you a velcro tie for your power supply.

Windows 7 GCC Server Access Workaround: SFTP

We finally have a workaround for access to the GCC server from student Windows 7 machines: SFTP.  Hopefully this is temporary, but at least students will be able to browse our share points as well as drop files in dropboxes or other writable folders.  Read the whole procedure here or by accessing it from the dropdowns above.

P.S. – why the duck?  For Cyberduck, of course.

Trouble Ticket Feature

We now offer Trouble Ticket submissions on our Contact page.  If you are having a problem in the labs with a computer, the other room technology, or your laptop and you cannot find any helpful information on this site or with the Service Bureau personnel, fill out the form and the ticket will be entered directly into our ticket system for action.  As the Contact page says, please be as detailed as possible so we can quickly identify and fix the problem.  Please be aware that for some laptop issues you may be referred to the Technology Helpdesk in the Library.  For example, if you are having trouble connecting to the BUsecure wireless network, stop by and see them.  But if you’re having trouble adding one of our printers to your laptop, submit a ticket.

If you have any suggestions for procedures or information to add to this site, please don’t hesitate to stop by or email one of us.

In other news, stay tuned for documentation on the new Wacom Cintiq tablet monitors in GCC 213… coming soon.

Adobe license FAQ

Scott Cavanah, Interactive Media Instructor, forwarded a link worth sharing with students who are now purchasing their own software.  A lot of you may not understand what a software license agreement is, or what you’re allowed to do with a piece of software that you purchase.  Educate yourself with this page on Adobe’s site.  This information is of course specific to Adobe, but the concepts are similar across many software providers.

Printing from student machines fixed

There were some network issues preventing students from adding our network printers located in GCC 210 to their own laptops.  These issues are now resolved, and the printers should now be accessible from either a wired connection in the labs (or anywhere on campus) or when you are connected to BUsecure wireless.  Directions to add the Xerox color laser printer or the HP 5200 B/W laser can be found using the drop down menus above or, for your convenience, here for Windows or here for OSX.

Remember that there is a per-page cost associated with printing to these printers and you are responsible for any prints you make.  For more information visit our general printing information page.