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Announcements about the labs.

Back up again

Filesharing on GCC is working again.  Another Active Directory issue combined with a permission issue on the server itself.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Filesharing back up!

After a week of phone calls to our own campus IRT department and a trouble ticket with Apple, the GCC server is finally back up.  Please let us know if you’re having a problem.

What exactly was the problem?  Well, as has happened before, there was an issue with Active Directory on campus that took IRT awhile to diagnose and fix.  This caused intermittent issues with students being able to log into our server (Active Directory houses all the campus usernames and passwords).  Intermittent problems with any device are among the hardest to find and fix, as they are often inter-dependent on some other failure or malfunction, sometimes even on a different computer.  Why our server was so prone to this issue when others were working just fine… who knows.

We did have a problem this morning with some of the class permissions not working correctly.  Some share point folders have permissions set by class group, and that is more data that is stored inside Active Directory.  If you are suddenly not able to access a folder that you could access before, please let us know.

Apologies all around for the inconvenience.

Opening Day – Wednesday 8/22/12

Welcome to the GCC labs site!  Take a look around and you’ll find a wealth of resources, from policies and procedures to tutorials and stock music, fonts, clipart, footage, and sound effects for your projects.  If you’ve got any questions, stop by the Service Bureau (GCC 210) and ask away.  Have a great semester.

Backup, backup, backup.

Okay, maybe floppies aren’t the best media to use.  Nor is Radio Shack the best place to buy it.  But you need to BACK UP YOUR STUFF to a device or location of your choosing.  iMacs located in the labs, and the accounts and desktop files contained on them, are erased at the end of every semester.  Student folders on the GCC server are kept intact from semester to semester unless:

  1. You are no longer taking a class in the labs.
  2. You are no longer a student at Bradley.  (see #1)
  3. Your folder is obnoxiously huge.

#3 is perhaps a bit subjective, but I always give people fair warning before I start swinging the axe.  Suffice to say that you shouldn’t be using your student folder for permanent storage of massive amounts of data.  And remember that those folders are there for convenience; it is not recommended to store your only copies of anything there.  Any questions, please let us know.

GCC Server Up

The GCC server (that this very webpage is running on) is back up.  It never went completely down, but a campus-wide network outage caused it to start rejecting valid logins for people trying to connect to the server’s share points. It is working now.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

SFTP Back Up

SFTP file access (for Windows machines) is now back up and running as of yesterday.  I restarted the server last week  to install some security updates and several services did not start up automatically as I had anticipated they should.  I didn’t know this, however, until a student reported the problem.  If you are experiencing issues with the server or the labs, make sure you submit a trouble ticket so we know about it and it can be addressed.  I try to send a return email with the status or solution of the problem whenever possible.

If you are a Windows user and have some time to experiment, please try the SMB method for connecting to the GCC server.  It seems like it’s working now but I would like some students to test it too.  Submit your results (good or bad) via the Contact Us page.  Regardless of whether it works, the SFTP alternative will remain in place.

Cinematic Production Music Added

More music from Footage Firm has been added to our ever-growing production library.  This collection is all cinematic underscores, so they tend to be full-length, orchestral, dramatic pieces.  If you mount the Resources share point and go into music, then into Footage Firm, sorting those folders by date modified will put the newest stuff all together.  Titles include Global Scores, Blockbuster Scores, Horror Atmospheres, Dramatic Atmospheres, Piano Themes, Romantic Scores, Science Fiction, Action Themes, Epic Battle Scores and just plain Horror (volumes 1 and 2).  You can also view these files on the web (BUNETID required).

Color Printer Broken :(

The color printer (aka Xerox Phaser 7760) is having paper jam issues. I have ordered a new fuser that may or may not resolve the issues.

I will post again when the issue is resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


More Production Music Added

More music from Footage Firm has been added to our Resources share point.  If you need music for a class project, check out our ever-growing library of production music.  The newest additions include varied genres such as pop, rock, latin, R&B, acoustic, romantic, funk, and film scores.  Visit the collection via the web (BUNETID required) or by mounting the Resources share point from the GCC server.

Student folders created

If you’ve been waiting for a folder to be created for you on the Students share point, they are now all done.  Please let us know if you think you should have one but don’t.  For an explanation of the permissions on your folder plus the Private and Dropbox folders within, click here.

Labs Open Wednesday 1-16-12

Welcome back to Bradley!  The GCC labs are now open.  If you’re new to the labs, bookmark this page or make it your browser home page so you stay up to date on all the latest news and announcements about the labs.  Use the navigation menus above to find information on anything you’re looking for… lab policies, procedures and open hours, tech info, printing procedures and FAQ’s, and file sharing and student file storage.  Don’t forget our Contact page, where you can get in touch with a staff member or if you observe a problem, directly submit a trouble ticket into our system.

I hope everyone has a great semester.

Labs close 10pm Wednesday 12-14-11

Whether you’re a red crab or not, the GCC labs will be closed for the winter break this Wednesday, 12-14-11 at 10pm.  Please conclude any business you have in the labs by that time.  We will re-open for the start of the Spring semester on January 18th, 2012.

From all the student and professional staff at the GCC, have a great winter break and holiday season.