Major OSX Yosemite change

Do you use “connect to server” to mount share points on the GCC server?  Have you recently upgraded to OSX Yosemite?  If so, read on.

Apple’s newest operating system release, OSX 10.10 Yosemite, changed the connection protocol from AFP to SMB.  Why is this important?  Because in the case of the GCC server (, only AFP connections work.  And if you just type “” into the Connect to Server dialog box, it will default to SMB.  So in order to connect to the GCC server successfully:

  • Click Go>Connect to Server.
  • Type afp:// and hit Return
  • Enter your BUNETID credentials
  • Select the share point you wish to mount

Interactive Media students: accepts both AFP and SMB connections, but we are getting reports that it is rejecting all connections.  We are looking into this at the network level.  For the time being, if you are unable to connect, try forcing it to use AFP by typing afp:// and see if you get different results.