Student folders created

Student folders have been bulk-created for Spring of 2014.  Any student currently enrolled in any CFA class (COM, MUS, THE, ART, or IM) has a folder for convenient storage of files.  See more about it and how to connect here.  Please remember the following when utilizing these folders:

  • Anything in your named outer folder is accessible from the web.  To that end, do not store anything you don’t want the world to see in this folder.  That includes copyrighted songs, videos, or personal files.  Such files will be deleted without warning.  Repeat offenders will be referred to University disciplinary procedures.
  • The Students share point is not backed up.  Do not use it to store your only copies of anything.  We cannot retrieve inadvertently-deleted files.
  • Your folder will stay on the Students share as long as you are enrolled in a CFA class.  It will be deleted without warning when you graduate, leave the university, or are not currently enrolled in a CFA class.  We usually run the scripts that clean out the Students share point the week before each semester starts, but don’t gamble on when that will be.  Keep local copies of your stuff.
  • Please keep your storage use reasonable.    If you are using too much space, you may be asked to reduce your usage.  If you ignore the warning, your files may then be deleted for you.  What’s “reasonable”?  Depends on how much space is left on the share point.  Rule of thumb: if you think you might be using too much, you probably are.

Any questions or problems, including “I don’t have a student folder but I think I should”, please contact us.