Monthly Archives: January 2013

Stock Footage Added

footage_firm_logo2Stock footage from Footage Firm has been added to our Resources library.  Included are American Vistas, Farming, Town Events, Jobs & Labor, and Schools.  All HD for your editing pleasure.

Student folders created

Welcome back for the spring semester.  Student folders have been created for all students taking any course in the Communications and Fine Arts college.  If you add a course late and need a folder created, fill out our trouble ticket form.  Please remember that folders on the student share point are there for your convenience only and should only be used for temporary storage, NEVER for your only copies.  The drive on the server is not backed up, and folders for students not continuing coursework in CFA will be deleted at the start of the next semester.

And if you don’t know what a student folder is… well, just never mind this post then.