More Music Added

footage_firm_logo2Not that anyone’s reading this over break, but more music has been added to our Footage Firm collection.  This addition includes Rock, Metal, Modern Fusion, DJ Beats, Unplugged, and Ambient music, among other styles.  This brings our total Footage Firm collection to 163 discs with a total of more than 9000 tracks to choose from.  We’ve even got loops for making your own tracks too.  If you can’t find a good cut of music in there for your project, you’re just not trying.

Access the collection by mounting the Resources share point on your machine.  Web authentication for access to Resources, Tutorials and other areas on the GCC server is still broken, so follow the directions published on this very website to mount the Resources share on your Mac or PC.  Look inside the Music folder, then Footage Firm.  If you sort the folder by date modified you can easily find the newest additions to the collection.