Filesharing back up!

After a week of phone calls to our own campus IRT department and a trouble ticket with Apple, the GCC server is finally back up.  Please let us know if you’re having a problem.

What exactly was the problem?  Well, as has happened before, there was an issue with Active Directory on campus that took IRT awhile to diagnose and fix.  This caused intermittent issues with students being able to log into our server (Active Directory houses all the campus usernames and passwords).  Intermittent problems with any device are among the hardest to find and fix, as they are often inter-dependent on some other failure or malfunction, sometimes even on a different computer.  Why our server was so prone to this issue when others were working just fine… who knows.

We did have a problem this morning with some of the class permissions not working correctly.  Some share point folders have permissions set by class group, and that is more data that is stored inside Active Directory.  If you are suddenly not able to access a folder that you could access before, please let us know.

Apologies all around for the inconvenience.