Backup, backup, backup.

Okay, maybe floppies aren’t the best media to use.  Nor is Radio Shack the best place to buy it.  But you need to BACK UP YOUR STUFF to a device or location of your choosing.  iMacs located in the labs, and the accounts and desktop files contained on them, are erased at the end of every semester.  Student folders on the GCC server are kept intact from semester to semester unless:

  1. You are no longer taking a class in the labs.
  2. You are no longer a student at Bradley.  (see #1)
  3. Your folder is obnoxiously huge.

#3 is perhaps a bit subjective, but I always give people fair warning before I start swinging the axe.  Suffice to say that you shouldn’t be using your student folder for permanent storage of massive amounts of data.  And remember that those folders are there for convenience; it is not recommended to store your only copies of anything there.  Any questions, please let us know.