SFTP Back Up

SFTP file access (for Windows machines) is now back up and running as of yesterday.  I restarted the server last week  to install some security updates and several services did not start up automatically as I had anticipated they should.  I didn’t know this, however, until a student reported the problem.  If you are experiencing issues with the server or the labs, make sure you submit a trouble ticket so we know about it and it can be addressed.  I try to send a return email with the status or solution of the problem whenever possible.

If you are a Windows user and have some time to experiment, please try the SMB method for connecting to the GCC server.  It seems like it’s working now but I would like some students to test it too.  Submit your results (good or bad) via the Contact Us page.  Regardless of whether it works, the SFTP alternative will remain in place.