Daily Archives: October 11, 2011

New GCC Server!

The GCC server is now housed in a new MacPro!  Bigger, faster, better.  You might notice that this very site is loading quicker.  So what does this mean to you, John Q. Student?  Well, a few things have changed.  Here’s a list of the most major new features and fixes:

  • Many of you (myself included) were experiencing random disconnects while using the share points on the GCC server.  That is now fixed.
  • Windows users can now reliably connect via SMB.  This has now been fixed once and for all.  Follow the instructions here and let me know if you have a problem.  Follow the instructions exactly!  Do not use the SFTP workaround with Cyberduck; that service is not running on the new server.
  • The “Print me” folder inside the Service Bureau share point has been changed to be its own share point called “Large Format Print Queue”.  Inside you’ll find a DropBox folder for dropping your files to be printed.  The large format print form has also changed locations.  The instructions for large-format printing have been updated to reflect these changes, for both InDesign and Illustrator.
  • Faculty folders have more web-friendly names.  The old names were “Lastname, Firstname”.  The capital letters, spaces and commas made it difficult to reliably send links to files.  The new naming convention is “lastname-firstname” with a dash and no capital letters.  If you have a faculty member’s folder bookmarked, you’ll need to visit the Faculty sharepoint on the web and update your bookmark.

Some of you were still having issues connecting to the HP 5200 B/W printer and Xerox 7760 color printer on the network.  We’ve now gotten to the bottom of this issue: Windows users must use the IP address of the printer and not the name of the printer when adding it.  The instructions have not been updated yet but if you’re comfortable doing it, sub in for “gcc210hp5200.bradley.edu” or for “gcc210xerox7760.bradley.edu” on the Windows printer instruction page.  The documentation will be updated soon.

Welcome back from break and enjoy the new capabilities.