Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

Printing resources (“free” printing)

We have had several students inquire about printing resource – particularly the “free” black and white prints from the labs.

Our policy has always been to provide a “free” printer for qualifying classes that meet in GCC 207 & 211.  These courses and students use a portion their fees to provide paper, ink, and a printer.

Last year we suspected a very large number of people were abusing this resource to print things not associated with a qualifying class.  With the approval of the appropriate faculty and staff we moved the printers out of those labs and consolidated to one printer (gcc210hp4200) under the care of the Service Bureau (GCC 210).

So far this semester we have cut down dramatically on the amount of ink and paper we are using.  This leads us to believe we were correct in our suspicion and those printer were being abused.

This “free” printer (gcc210hp4200) is to be used only by those students who qualify by being in one of these classes.

If you attempt to print something to this printer and it is not for one of these classes we will charge you for the prints just as we do on our other printers (gcc210hp8150 and gcc210xerox7760).

We hold prints as they come out of those printers for the entirety of the semester.  If your name is on a print and you do not pay for it we put a hold on your grades at the end of the semester. If you do not have the money to pay for a print at that time (quickcash only) we have the right to hold your print until you can pay for it.  Just because you decide you don’t want the print anymore doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for it.

You are accountable for what you print – so double check that you are sending your prints to the proper places.

Costs are:

Black and White (gcc210hp8150)

.10 for letter and .20 for tabloid.

Color (anything from gcc210xerox7760):

.50 for letter and 1.00 for tabloid

Large format

.25 per inch matte and .33 per inch glossy